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Holmes, Diggs & Sadler is an established boutique law firm located in Houston, Texas. The firm has a tradition of excellence, and focuses on divorce, custody, probate, guardianship, employment law, and litigation. The common theme for Holmes, Diggs & Sadler in these practice areas is excellence in the courtroom: in hearings, trials and appeals.

Our Practice Areas

The issues covered by family law can be anxiety inducing and emotionally painful. Dealing with a divorce can mean coping with intense feelings on a daily basis while you work to maintain stability for yourself, your children, and your loved ones. Late or missing alimony payments might mean financial distress. The delays and frustrations experienced by those trying to adopt a child can be damaging, too.

Our knowledgeable legal team at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler possesses the abilities and experience necessary to handle a wide range of these stressful legal cases. Whatever your family law needs, we have the skills required to help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Some of our family law practice areas include:

Dealing with any of these areas alone can be daunting, risky, and emotionally taxing. It is important to secure the services of a skilled family law attorney so that you can protect your rights. Trying to navigate the complexities of the legal system without the help of an attorney can mean that you are at risk of financial exploitation or being taken advantage of. For parents, a family law attorney can also assist you as you fight to safeguard your child’s future.

Our Testimonials

"Excellent Divorce Attorney"

She is an intelligent and dedicated attorney who achieved great results in my divorce. She is honest and trustworthy. She was thorough, kept me informed, and showed her extensive knowledge of family law. … I would recommend her highly.

"Truly A Praiseworthy Lawyer!"

Cynthia is one of the best lawyers I know. … She is very thorough, understanding, and aims for perfection in all her work. Cynthia is honest, trustworthy and her ability to relate to and empathize with others is remarkable.

Houston Family Law Attorneys: Divorce, Custody, Guardianship and Probate

Holmes, Diggs & Sadler divorce and family practice focuses particularly on the representation of clients in the following areas:

  • Complex marital property issues in divorce
  • Interstate and international jurisdictional issues in divorce and custody
  • Representing expatriates or foreign nationals (or their spouses) in divorce and addressing the unique legal and cultural problems that foreign nationals face in a divorce in Texas

We often handle high conflict custody and divorce cases:

  • Cases involving the special problems that arise with substance abuse, including alcohol or drugs, including disproving false allegations of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Custody and divorce cases involving physical abuse, as well as emotional and mental abuse, whether of the children or the spouses, including sometimes disproving false allegations of abuse
  • Representing LGBTQ clients in divorce, custody, adoptions and name changes —a cutting-edge focus for Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, even before the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic Obergefell v. Hodges case
  • Representing parents of children with special needs in custody and divorce matters, including ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, as well as physical, mental and emotional special needs

All of the firm’s attorneys handle as least some family law matters, and it is a core practice area for most of the firm’s attorneys.

Holmes, Diggs & Sadler's Estates Practice is Probate, Guardianship and Litigation-Focused

Many estate-planning and tax firms are not in the business of going to court for a will contest or other courtroom battle, and that is where Holmes, Diggs & Sadler excels. The firm also handles guardianship matters, which are becoming more complex and which necessitate more ongoing court intervention. Calli Baldwin and Stefanie Drew work with Cindy Diggs in probate and guardianship matters.

Handling Your Employment Law Cases

Judith Sadler leads Holmes, Diggs & Sadler's Employment Law practice. She is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Labor and Employment law. She has practiced for over 30 years and is highly experienced in both the labor and employment sides of the practice. On the labor side, she has represented management in union elections, arbitrations and other matters, and on the employment side, she has engaged in substantial litigation including cases in state and federal courts, arbitrations, and EEOC matters. She has handled cases involving discrimination, retaliation, equal opportunity claims, the Fair Labor Standards Act, wage and hour law, covenants not to compete and has handled class actions. Judie Sadler has experience at both the trial and appellate stages in state and federal court. She also advises clients on the day-to-day employment law issues that arise in their business.

Judie Sadler is joined in the firm’s employment law practice by Rachel Sedita, who is also Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal specialization, and Cindy Diggs, who is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, and by Zack Wilson.

Preparation is Key—for the firm’s attorneys and for its’ clients

Holmes, Diggs & Sadler prepares cases and clients on the assumption that the case may have to go to trial. “Get ready for trial, then negotiate a favorable peace,” could be the firm motto. Most cases do settle, and that is often best for clients; regardless, a high level of preparation for trial is the best preparation for success in settlement negotiation.

Holmes, Diggs & Sadler believes that just as lawyers need to be prepared, clients need to also be ready for every phase. Holmes, Diggs & Sadler helps clients be better prepared for whatever their case may throw at them, including depositions, mediations, and time on the stand in the courtroom.

The lawyer-client team: The firm believes in keeping clients informed of important case developments and involving clients in critical decision-making.

Client confidentiality: Holmes, Diggs & Sadler has represented many clients who are in high profile positions and even clients who are celebrities locally and nationally. The firm often deals with sensitive issues, especially in the highly emotional and private areas of divorce, custody, guardianship and probate. All clients can expect confidentiality and discretion in the handling of their case.

Awards and Recognition: Holmes, Diggs & Sadler's ten lawyers hold four board certifications in three areas of practice (civil trial, family law and employment law). The firm’s ten experienced and award-winning attorneys include two Super Lawyers, and four named as Rising Stars by Texas Super Lawyers. Other accolades include: Fortune Magazine’s Women Leaders in the Law, H Texas Magazine’s Top Lawyers, Houstonia Magazine’s Top Lawyers, Lawyers of Distinction, Texas Monthly’s Top Attorneys, membership in the American Board of Trial Advocates, AVVO Client’s Choice, AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell and membership in the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

Court and Litigation Experience

All of the firm’s Houston lawyers are experienced in court and litigation-related work. Some of the firm’s lawyers had experience in the past working for the courts (one lawyer is a former family court associate judge, and others have clerked for the judiciary at the start of their careers). All the firm’s lawyers have regular courtroom experience, including experience directly handling hearings of all types, taking and defending depositions, representing clients in mediation, as well as at trial and on appeal.

Statistics and Family Law

The impact of child support, divorce, alimony, child custody and visitation on Texans is staggering:

  • 813,862 divorces in in the U.S. in 2014
  • 123,097 divorce cases in Texas in 2015
  • 58,001 divorces in Texas involving children in 2015
  • 13.4 million parents had custody of a child while the other parent lived elsewhere in 2013

The Basics of Family Law

Family law spans a wide range of intimate issues. From divorce to adoption, the concerns covered by this legal field necessarily involve the people and relationships closest to you. That means family law has its own particular set of challenges and problems not shared by other legal fields. Feelings often run high since the outcome of a case can have serious repercussions. Financially and emotionally, there's usually a lot at stake. Consider a married couple with children. What rights does a spouse have if they decide to file for divorce but the other party refuses to cooperate? What can that spouse do if the other party threatens to fight for sole custody of their children? Is there any way for them to amicably come to an agreement or is a court battle a foregone conclusion?

As the skilled team at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler understands, it is important to have a legal representative you can trust when you are handling these intense issues. A family law attorney needs to be able to listen to their clients and respect their priorities. In our hypothetical situation, the party seeking the divorce should be able to talk openly to their attorney about their ideal outcome. If they want to avoid court proceedings, their attorney can help them respectfully approach their spouse about the possibility of mediation. This provides a way for both parties to work through the conditions of a divorce with legal guidance without going to court. However, the other spouse might refuse mediation. In this case, a skilled attorney could clearly and openly tell their client what to expect from a court battle. The attorney could also see to it that their client's parental rights are not violated at any point in the process. Since family law can be extremely complicated and involve the fair distribution of shared finances, assets, and child custody, it is crucial to secure experienced legal counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Law

Watch as our family, divorce and custody lawyers respond to some of the many questions we are asked about every week about the topics below.

Why should I choose Holmes, Diggs & Sadler?

We understand that you are going through a trying time, and our goal is to make things better for you, not worse. We can and will fight aggressively to defend you against any legal opposition but we are also skilled at peaceful mediation and compromise; when the circumstances allow for it.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team is ready to take on the most challenging family law cases. Every year since 2010, Cindy Diggs has been selected as a "Super Lawyer" in Family and Divorce as well as well as a top Texas lawyer by Texas Monthly. She handles high net worth property cases and international divorces. Judith Sadler handles Hague cases in Federal Court, witness preparation for high conflict divorce cases as well as appeals in family law matters. Chelsie Ramos brings experience to the firm as a former Associate Family Law Judge. Bret Bosker, who served as the Chair of the Houston Bar Association Family Law section for two consecutive terms, has over 18 years experience handling a breadth of family law matters. Tesha Peeples focuses on high conflict and unique custody contests. Stefanie Drew handles a broad range of divorce and custody cases including divorces involving special needs children and substance abuse issues. Calli Baldwin, Kristy Blurton, Stefanie Drew, Rachel Sedita, and Zack Wilson often handle complex property cases, matters involving forensic accounting, military divorces, LGBTQ and complex child support matters.

An experienced legal professional can help keep everything fair, transparent, and open, and their involvement can make the divorce easier, not more stressful. In situations where your spouse has been cruel or abusive, obtaining legal guidance is an absolute necessity. In any situation, you need someone who will prioritize your rights, your future, and your well-being.

What is Holmes, Diggs & Sadler's record of success?

Time and time again clients have told us that we were there to clean up the mess that other lawyers had left for them. We're professional and driven, and our dedication to each of our clients allows us to single-mindedly focus on your goals. Our reviewers have given us top marks and glowing reviews. We're proud of our personal nature and friendliness with our clients and our strength in the courtroom.

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If you are experiencing family issues that may involve legal proceedings, you can greatly benefit from the help of a dedicated attorney. At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, our family law attorneys will treat you with compassion while we fight to protect your best interests. You can use our experience, know-how, and legal savvy whether you are considering a divorce, in the middle of a legal separation, disputing child custody, or having any other family-related problem. Call us anytime at (713) 802-1777 to learn more about how we can help you handle the legal aspects of a wide variety of family issues.

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