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Complications with Expatriate Divorce

A marriage that occurs oversees or between citizens of different countries can be difficult. More difficult than this, however, is a divorce between an international couple. International divorces are complex issues since the laws governing divorce will depend on the origin of each of the spouses. Separations and divorce are made more complicated with the involvement of shared estates or children. Child custody and child support agreements are often included in initial divorce settlements in order to distinguish the custodial responsibilities for both parents. Due to the commonality of working and living abroad, it is not unusual for individuals to marry and share estates with an international spouse. To protect yourself, your family, and your possessions, it is important to hire a competent and knowledgeable international divorce lawyer.

Factors of an International Divorce

Divorce includes a number of complicated factors that can affect both your finances and family. Our lawyers can help you understand and file the following legal documents for the following aspects of international divorce:

  • Expatriate divorce
  • Expatriate custody
  • Mahr agreements

There are just examples of the kinds of law that an international divorce attorney can help you and your spouse work through when facing complicated laws. If you have further questions about the next steps to filing for divorce, consult the Houston divorce attorneys at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler today.

Contact an International Divorce Attorney in Houston

If you and your spouse are considering divorce but have run into complicated international laws that bar you from completing the divorce process, contact the experienced international divorce lawyers at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler. Our Houston team has successfully helped couples with divorce agreements regardless of their citizenship. Call (713) 802-1777 today for more information about your legal options.

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