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How a Partition Agreement Can Help You

Under a special agreement for marrying couples, Texas marital property law outlines what is considered to be each spouse’s property prior to marriage. While marrying couples generally do not tie the knot with the hope or knowledge that their marriage will end in divorce, divorce still affects almost 50 percent of U.S. couples. As such, a partition agreement is a useful tool that many Texans employ in order to protect their property in case their relationship comes to an end. Divorce is not a simple process, however a partition agreement can help move the procedure along and make it less painful. By outlining which spouse owns what property before a marriage takes place, splitting property during a divorce becomes a much simpler task. This agreement lessens the stress of your financial future so you can focus on the more important elements of your marriage and, if it comes to it, your divorce.

Benefits of a Partition Agreement

A partition agreement can benefit a marriage in a number of ways. The security that a partition agreement can help you with includes:

  • Protecting your estate
  • Reducing conflict during and after marriage
  • Establishing the separation of property in the event of a divorce

Many soon-to-be married couples form partition agreements in order to protect their valuable possessions. To speak with an experienced family law attorney in Houston about how a partition agreement can help you, contact the offices of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler.

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