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Social Media and Divorce

Many different things can contribute to marital discord, but more recently, social media has become a dominant issue. With an increased use of this media, many people have found that it can have negative effects on their relationship and marriage. There are a number of reasons that social media use can be destructive to a couple’s intimacy or trust, which can lead to divorce in certain cases.

How Social Media Can Contribute to Divorce

From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and more, social media has become prevalent in most people’s personal, and sometimes professional, lives. This increased use of and access to social media can cause problems in a marriage in several ways, including:

  • Having an extramarital affair
  • Lying about one’s marital status
  • Bad-mouthing a spouse
  • Revealing personal information about a spouse
  • Creating a “double” self

Often it is the feelings of distrust, betrayal, and hurt caused by things done or said over social media that cause the rift in a marriage. In many cases, despite people’s best intentions, this rift is not reparable, causing a couple to file for divorce.

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