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Peace of Mind

After coming to terms with the unfortunate fact that my very personal familial problems needed legal consultation, I grew anxious over the idea of having to share my personal history with a complete stranger. After days of sincere research, I felt confident in meeting with Shannon. Not only did I make a good choice, I made the best choice. My consultation left me feeling prepared and confident in my decisions and her representation thereafter was superb. Not a single question was left unanswered and all my fears were set at ease. I have nothing but gratitude and respect for Shannon and the ideals she represents. Benjamin

Great Lawyer to handle your divorce

Shannon ended up taking on my case when I didn’t feel that my original attorney had my best interest at heart. Shannon took on my case and handled it to my satisfaction.Terry

An Attorney that will Fight for what’s Right

This case was the most terrifying thing I have faced in a long time. Shannon always ensured that I had a say in how we proceeded. She truly cared about me and my daughter! She was amazing in trial and won everything that mattered to protect my daughter. I can finally exhale! Missy

Shannon Boudreaux is the best there is

Shannon is a very diligent and smart lawyer. Most importantly, however, she cares about her clients from beginning to end. She was always working to find the best possible solution for any issue that arises. It is never an easy time when you go through a divorce. She realizes this and is ready and willing to do everything she can to help a client get the help they need to move forward with their lives in a positive and productive way. I would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce or family matter that requires attention and help in their situation. With every good lawyer comes a good team and supporting office and not only is Shannon an excellent attorney but she has some of the best.

Made me feel like I had a champion on my side. And a friend.

It’s scary to go to an attorney having no experience with any others, and hearing all the stories you do about attorneys, but from the beginning Shannon was straightforward, honest, and I had confidence in her. She was very proactive in working to expedite my case and I truly appreciate that it didn’t have to drag on for a long time. She handled me and my situation as a true advocate. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Wanda

Well Qualified Attorney That Cares for Her Clients

Shannon is very knowledgeable in the fields she practices in and will do everything in her power to ensure your needs are taken care of. She genuinely cares for her clients and is always there for you. It was my first time dealing with a divorce and she put me at ease, explaining everything step by step. Every meeting she was promptly on time and took notes. The lines of communication were always open for any question or concern I had. I could not have asked for a better person to represent me. Eddie

Competent / Trustworthy / Skilled / Proficient

Ms. Boudreaux represented me in divorce proceedings in the spring of 2008. Her careful attention to detail, trustworthiness, and proficiency during my trial speaks well for her profession. Paul U.

Knowledgeable, caring, and professional!

Shannon is very knowledgeable on the law. She has appeared at every hearing, early and at one time even feeling under the weather. Nothing will keep her from her cases. She was easy to reach and if you couldn’t get a hold of her, she promptly returns your call or meet up with you to help with your questions. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I could have made it as far as I have with my case. We are still working on it and my case has special circumstances attached with it. She seams to be able to handle what ever comes her way and with ease!
I can only say that if your looking for an attorney that will treat you right, know the law and will go above and beyond, you will find it in her! Family law is a tough area of law, very emotional and she will help calm you. Not knowing is hard to deal with and she helps by answering your questions and if she doesn’t have an answer for you right then, she’ll find out. I trust her to do all that she can to help your case! Dawn

Caring, Good Listener and A Go Getter!

Ms. Boudreaux not only knows the law, but she fights for what’s right. Having someone truly listen to what you want and how your case is affecting your life is amazing! You can’t beat a compassionate attorney who listens when necessary and takes action to protect your children from harm.

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