No-Fault Divorce

While many couples filing for divorce may choose to file for a fault divorce, many individuals may choose a no-fault divorce as the best option. A no-fault divorce simply means that blame for a divorce is not placed on one individual over another, while a fault divorce requires that blame for the divorce is placed on an individual. A no-fault divorce is often filed when the reason for divorce is irreconcilable differences. Filing for a no-fault divorce can also provide a number of benefits to couples seeking a divorce.

Benefits of No-Fault Divorce

Advantages of a no-fault divorce filing include:

  • Reduced time in court, resulting in financial savings
  • No reason to fabricate evidence against a spouse during divorce proceedings
  • Increased privacy of divorce proceedings
  • More time-efficient proceedings

Along with these benefits, avoiding the legal battles that often come along with a fault divorce can make the already difficult process of divorce easier to deal with. Regardless of the type of divorce, a couple proceeds with, however, having the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer can be an invaluable asset in easing the process.

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