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Mother of Dwight Howard’s child suing him for unpaid child support

Houston Rockets player Dwight Howard has been sued by the mother of one of his babies due to his failure to pay child support, the New York Daily News reported on June 10.

According to the court documents filed by a woman identified only as “Tiffany,” the basketball star has recently been failing to meet his financial obligations by giving just half of the $10,000 monthly child support payment they agreed on in 2013. The woman is also requesting higher child support payments, as she says their 4-year-old child now has to deal with issues related to being a child of a celebrity.

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Chris Brown allegedly refusing to pay child support

Reports have revealed that recording artist Chris Brown is currently embroiled in a child support dispute with his ex, former model Nia Guzman, The Daily Mail reported on May 25.

According to reports, Chris has refused to pay Nia $2,500 a month in child support since March for their 11-month-old daughter, named Royalty. Sources said Chris refused to pay after Nia demanded a much higher child support payment of $15,000 a month.

Last weekend, Chris Brown took his daughter to the Billboard Music Awards as his special date.

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New law aims to help fathers paying child support to children who are not theirs

A new law has been passed to help fathers who are paying child support to children who are not biologically theirs.

Statistically, nearly 128,000 men in Texas are currently in this situation. For instance, one man in Harris County is paying $1,400 a month for two children who are not his, according to DNA testing.

In previous years, if a father was ordered to pay child support but later found that the child was not his biologically, he was still legally required to pay as this was in the best interest of the child.

However, the new law gives men the opportunity to petition courts in order to resolve this issue. The deadline for a man to seek DNA proof of paternity was set at Sept. 1. People can still petition the court at a later date only if they discovered within the past year that they are making payments to children who are not theirs.

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