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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have finalized their divorced

After their break-up announcement last October, Oscar award winner Halle Berry and her third husband Olivier Martinez have officially completed their divorce.

Reports say that Berry rushed the divorce for financial reasons. According to the court documents, Berry doesn’t want Martinez to have access to her pending contracts in 2017. The former couple had a pre-nuptial agreement and will get a joint legal and physical custody of their three-year-old son, Maceo.

Berry and Martinez first met in 2010 on the set of Dark Tide. According to rumors, the couple’s break-up was partly because of Martinez’ violent temper following an incident with a LAX employee.

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Billionaire Bill Ackman and his wife getting a divorce

Hedge fund boss and billionaire Bill Ackman and his wife Karen Ann Herskovitz are reportedly getting a divorce, according to an email allegedly sent by Herskovitz to her friends on Thursday, December 22.

The couple, who got married in 1994, have three daughters together and are planning on keeping the divorce amicable. Although the petition for the dissolution of their marriage is yet to be filed, it has been reported that the couple already hired lawyers to draft their settlement.

According to Page Six, the settlement for the divorce could reach up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Both Ackman and Herskovitz are negotiating for various million-dollar properties such as the $90 million trophy penthouse at the glittering new One57, the $35 million apartment at the Beresford off Central Park, the $22 million waterfront estate in Bridgehampton that was bought in 2011, and the $23.5 million mansion.

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom divorce

TV reality star Khloe Kardashian and former NBA player Lamar Odom’s divorce was officially finalized on December 12 by a Los Angeles judge and will be effective on December 17.

Kardashian first sought to end her marriage with Odom in December 2013. She later withdrew the divorce and reconciled with Odom because he reportedly suffered from a certain medical condition. Several months since their reconciliation, Kardashian refiled a divorce petition citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has no children despite being together for over four years. The court decision says neither Kardashian nor Odom will receive spousal support. The couple’s company, Khlomar, will also be dissolved once the judgment takes effect this week.

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Court order finally evicts man from his grand home

After being evicted from his lavish home in Texas, a Pakistani native man’s fight has been forced to end.

Sharafat Khan, 69, had resorted to staying on the lawn of his own house in Taylor Lake Shores since his wife expelled him from the house about five months ago. Lakeview Police had been called over a number of couple’s arguments inside the house. Khan’s wife, Shahnaz Khan, 61, even changed the locks and asked the police to evict him from the property, but as they both owned the home, the order could not be carried out.

The couple’s divorce papers, which were finally approved and gave Shahnaz full ownership of the home, gave authority to the police who quickly did order Khan to leave. Khan, who had made it clear that he could’ve, at any time, chosen to go somewhere else, willingly took a taxi to his new home.

According to Harris County Criminal Court records, however, Khan has a history of domestic violence and his wife actually had a civil court protection order as well as requested more than one restraining order.

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Common Reasons for Divorce

Often, when asked, the adult population of the U.S. will answer the question “what is the leading cause of divorce” with something similar to infidelity. However, research has proven that communication issues are among the top reasons for marriage failure. The items in the following list are considered some of the other leading causes of divorce:

  • When a couple marries for the wrong reasons or because they feel pressured by their peers or the money they’ve invested in the ceremony or relationship.
  • When a couple either loses their individual identity, becoming one monolithic entity that feels uncomfortable in any situation without one another, or they are so different that they lose sight of why they were together at all.
  • When a couple marries and has different expectations of what roles they should fulfill or how to handle finances, there can be friction. Adding children to this mix means that they become very rooted in their carefully established roles, falling further and further apart as their children grow up.
  • Often a lack of intimacy, both in a sexual and non-sexual way, can lead to hurt feelings or worse, becoming nearly strangers.
  • A final nail in so many marriage’s coffins is the inability for the couple to communicate. If each person finds that their expectations for the marriage are not met, it can cause tense and difficult conversations. Without the ability to talk through these issues, a now-fragile marriage is more liable to fall apart.

Marriage ideally works out when the two partners love and care for one another very deeply, but in the unpredictability of marriage, those two qualities are often not enough. The willingness of the partners to continuously work out the marriage will make or break the relationship.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Settle Divorce

On August 16, celebrity couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp confirmed that they have settled their divorce.

They got married in a luxurious island ceremony in February 2015. On May 25 of the next year, Amber Heard filed for the divorce from Johnny Depp, three days after Johnny’s mother passed away. On May 27, Amber filed a domestic violence restraining order from Depp after releasing photos of her bruised face. On same day, Vanessa Paradis, Depp’s ex-partner of over a decade, wrote “In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.”

Despite the roller coaster ride of events, the couple finally settled their divorce privately. On August  18, the actress revealed that the $7 million divorce settlement would be distributed to her chosen charities with a focus on groups helping to stop violence against women.

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Billionaire Cohen won divorce lawsuit

On May 19, a Manhattan judge dismissed the fraudulent divorce lawsuit against billionaire Steven Cohen due to a lack of evidence that he had cheated his estranged spouse Patricia out of millions, a report of CNBC stated.

According to reports, Patricia alleged that Cohen committed fraud in a 1990 divorce case by concealing millions of dollars. Patricia is pursuing to get 50 percent of the supposedly hidden $5.5 million with interest. However, Manhattan federal court Chief Judge Loretta Preska ruled there was insufficient evidence presented in court to support Patricia’s claims. The judge also noted Patricia filed the lawsuit too late as she had previously suspected Steven of concealing his assets in 1991 and in 2006. The legal team representing Patricia stated they disagree with the decision and are considering appealing the case.

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Lima and Jaric divorce finalized

According to the Huffington Post, former NBA player Marko Jaric and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima are now officially divorced after initially separating in May 2014. They tied the knot back in February 2009, announced their separation after five years, and eventually filed for divorce in New York City.

Pagesix reported that the the settlement was filed on March 14 at the Manhattan Supreme Court. The details were not divulged, but Lima, now 35-years-old, is said to be keeping primary custody of their two daughters, 6-year-old Valentina and 3-year-old Sienna.

Lima’s attorney, Bill Beslow, was asked to make a statement on the matter but did not comment. The couple asks that the public respects their privacy during this time of transition.

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Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas officially divorced

According to New York Daily News, 31-year-old actress and singer Katharine McPhee is now officially divorced from her husband of six years, Nicholas Cokas. The two tied the knot in 2008, and they were revealed to be separated in 2014 when McPhee filed for divorce. The court documents stated that the actual date of their separation was March 15, 2013. They have no children together.

McPhee and Cokas are set to divide her earnings from her show “Smash,” and Cokas will receive half of the earnings from McPhee’s contract with Columbia/Epic Records. Cokas will also receive half of the income from songs McPhee created during their marriage. Spousal support has been granted to Cokas, and he is set to receive $400,000 annually.

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Jeremy Renner is now divorced

People reported that Jeremy Renner, the 44-year-old Avengers star, is now divorced from 23-year-old Sonni Pacheco. Their separation was finalized on December 28. The two were married for 10 months and have a daughter named Ava, who was born in 2013.

Pacheco filed for divorce in December 2014 and cited irreconcilable differences. Renner is set to make monthly child support payments worth $13,000 and 5 percent of the excess in his annual salary, which is reportedly more than $2.3 million. Pacheco, however, will not be granted spousal support as she signed a prenuptial agreement on December 2013.

According to the reports, Renner and Pacheco were granted shared physical custody of their 2-year-old daughter. The divorce allowed Renner to keep most of his properties.

Before the divorce was finalized, the now ex-spouses had a highly controversial legal battle.

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