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Divorce risk rises when wives fall ill

A new study found that the likelihood of divorce increases among older couples when the wife, not the husband, falls seriously ill, LiveScience reported on Thursday, May 1.

The study evaluated 20 years’ worth of data on 2,717 married couples, wherein at least one in every partner was above 50 years old. Researchers found that the probability of getting divorced increased when wives suffered from one of four major illnesses: stroke, lung disease, heart disease, or cancer.

Although the study failed to track who asked for the divorce, study researcher Amelia Karraker stated that previous studies have suggested it is typically the women who call for divorce. Karraker believes this may be because men might fall short in their roles as caregivers.

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Joe and Tina Simpson file for divorce in Texas

Joe and Tina Simpson, parents to Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, announced that they are ending their 34-year marriage when they officially filed divorce papers in late September.

As with many high-profile divorce cases, a variety of rumors have been spread regarding the Simpsons’ marriage. Although it was rumored that  Joe has been having an extramarital affair, the divorce papers filed by Tina Simpson claim that “discord or conflict of personalities” is the reason for the split.

Representation for the couple has stated that it is a friendly separation and that the rumors about a third party’s involvement are not true. The former couple has been in the news throughout this year, first when Joe was arrested for a DWI and  also when the couple put their Los Angeles home on the market.

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Divorce in Texas

Divorce is an enormous issue in Texas and throughout the rest of the country, with some statistics indicating that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce in the long term. While the process of divorce is primarily a personal and emotional concern, the practical issues involved in divorce should never be disregarded, lest you do damage to your rights involving your family, children, and shared assets.

Texas has in place a wealth of family law legislation that is designed to guide the divorce process and provide guidelines for the fair divisions of assets and property in the event of a divorce. A clear understanding of these laws is necessary to ensure that you receive equitable treatment from the court. If you are one of the over 150,000 people who seek a divorce in Texas each year, you will want to ensure that your rights and interests are adequately represented.

Common Issues Contended in Divorce

Each divorce presents its own unique challenges, but the most contentious issues in a divorce tend to revolve around the following topics:

Child Custody
Child Support
Spousal Support
Property Division

Mediation is a popular method for settling such issues when you are able to work amicably with your spouse to come to resolutions, but even in a mediated divorce it is important that you have a lawyer oversee the legal documentation that will become enforceable court orders governing your family life following the divorce.

Get Help

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