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Common Reasons for Divorce

Often, when asked, the adult population of the U.S. will answer the question “what is the leading cause of divorce” with something similar to infidelity. However, research has proven that communication issues are among the top reasons for marriage failure. The items in the following list are considered some of the other leading causes of divorce:

  • When a couple marries for the wrong reasons or because they feel pressured by their peers or the money they’ve invested in the ceremony or relationship.
  • When a couple either loses their individual identity, becoming one monolithic entity that feels uncomfortable in any situation without one another, or they are so different that they lose sight of why they were together at all.
  • When a couple marries and has different expectations of what roles they should fulfill or how to handle finances, there can be friction. Adding children to this mix means that they become very rooted in their carefully established roles, falling further and further apart as their children grow up.
  • Often a lack of intimacy, both in a sexual and non-sexual way, can lead to hurt feelings or worse, becoming nearly strangers.
  • A final nail in so many marriage’s coffins is the inability for the couple to communicate. If each person finds that their expectations for the marriage are not met, it can cause tense and difficult conversations. Without the ability to talk through these issues, a now-fragile marriage is more liable to fall apart.

Marriage ideally works out when the two partners love and care for one another very deeply, but in the unpredictability of marriage, those two qualities are often not enough. The willingness of the partners to continuously work out the marriage will make or break the relationship.

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