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Court order finally evicts man from his grand home

After being evicted from his lavish home in Texas, a Pakistani native man’s fight has been forced to end.

Sharafat Khan, 69, had resorted to staying on the lawn of his own house in Taylor Lake Shores since his wife expelled him from the house about five months ago. Lakeview Police had been called over a number of couple’s arguments inside the house. Khan’s wife, Shahnaz Khan, 61, even changed the locks and asked the police to evict him from the property, but as they both owned the home, the order could not be carried out.

The couple’s divorce papers, which were finally approved and gave Shahnaz full ownership of the home, gave authority to the police who quickly did order Khan to leave. Khan, who had made it clear that he could’ve, at any time, chosen to go somewhere else, willingly took a taxi to his new home.

According to Harris County Criminal Court records, however, Khan has a history of domestic violence and his wife actually had a civil court protection order as well as requested more than one restraining order.

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