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Do I need an attorney if I am going through a divorce?

Even for divorces where both parties are in general agreement, the answer is yes. Many people assume that they can handle a respectful, civil divorce process with their spouse without the intervention of an attorney. They think that hiring a divorce lawyer will necessarily make the situation worse by adding the threat of going to court or an implied lack of trust. However, the right lawyer will understand how to be an effective, respectful mediator. It’s important to protect your rights and your interests, especially if your children are involved or if there are significant assets to divide.

An experienced legal professional can help keep everything fair, transparent, and open, and their involvement can make the divorce easier, not more stressful. In situations where your spouse has been cruel or abusive, obtaining legal guidance is an absolute necessity. In any situation, you need someone who will prioritize your rights, your future, and your well-being.

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