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Adult adoption occurs when an adult child wants to acknowledge the people who raised them. There are also situations in which the adoptee requires custody or guardianship, or the adopter wants the adoptee to inherit from their estate. In some cases, an adult may be bonded with a step-parent and wants to share their last name. A same-sex domestic partner may want to adopt an adult child when they were unable to legally do so before. Despite the advantages of adult adoption, many people are unaware of exactly how this process works.

No matter why you are interested in pursuing an adult adoption, Holmes, Diggs & Sadler can help. We are dedicated Houston family attorneys who understand the impact adoption can have, and we are passionate about helping you officially form your family. Contact us today at (713) 802-1777 to speak with a member of our staff regarding your adoption.

Why You Need an Adult Adoption Attorney

Trying to handle an adult adoption without using an attorney can be risky. While adult adoption is fairly straightforward and easy, complications may arise during the process, and without an attorney to help, these complications may prevent the adoption from going through. There are also important legal precautions that need to be taken as well as state laws that need to be followed to successfully complete the adult adoption process.

Adopting an adult mainly consists of completing, signing, and notarizing legal documents, as well as attending a short court hearing to finalize the adoption. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help guide you through the adoption process, to ensure mistakes are not made and that the process is completed in a smooth and timely manner.

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If you are considering adult adoption, the legal team at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler knows that this decision is important to you. Our staff is committed to providing our clients with the support and representation they need during an adoption proceeding and answering any important legal questions that you may have during this time.

Our family law attorneys have over 25 years of experience in adoption law, representing clients in the Houston metro as well as throughout the state of Texas. Our AV-rated law firm has earned an impeccable reputation for what we do: we have been named Houston’s Top Lawyers in 2016 and 2014, and we are listed as Houston’s Super Lawyers.

Adult Adoption Laws and Process

The adoption laws in Texas require that the adoptive parent files a petition with the court in order to adopt an individual. These petitions must be filed in the county where the adoptee resides. If the adoptee is married, their spouse must join in the petition for adoption. The would-be adopter must provide written proof that the adoptee also consents to the adoption. Notice of adoption need not be given to the biological parents or any family of the adult who is about to be adopted.

Adult adoption is not permitted in certain situations, such as if the motive for adoption is to defraud creditors or avoid other legal obligations. The court will not permit an adoption if either party appears to be under duress to agree to the adoption. Adult adoption is also prohibited in cases where the adoption is performed so a party can receive benefits under immigration law.

The court will permit adoption if all requirements have been fulfilled. The Texas Department of Health will issue a new birth certificate for an adopted adult, changing the individual’s last name to be the same as their adoptive parents. Once the adoption is finalized, the adopted individual becomes the legal child of the adoptive parents.

Adult adoptions can take place in a variety of situations, but are most common for foster parents who wish to adopt a former foster child; orphaned adults with severe disabilities who need a guardian to make decisions for them; one partner in a same-sex couple who was previously unable to adopt their child; and adults who are estranged from their biological parents and wish to honor the people who actually raised them.

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