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Houston Attorney Helps End Child Support Payments in Paternity Fraud Case

Cindy Diggs, a Houston divorce attorney with Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, recently helped a man who was wrongly required to pay child support for two children that were not biologically his. Reggie Jones had previously been paying $1400 a month in support for two children, which amounted to 40% of his take-home pay. He was ordered to pay this amount by a judge despite the fact that DNA tests were not ordered in the case.

These payments were an overwhelming financial burden to Mr. Jones, and until recently, laws were in place in Texas that would require him to continue making child support payments to these children even though there was DNA evidence proving that they were not biologically his. However, because of recent changes to laws in the state, Cindy Diggs was able to help end these invalid child support obligations once DNA testing proved that he was not the father of the children in question.

This story was also picked up by KHOU:

Reggie Jones had this to say about his experience: “I was fighting a child support case that was clearly paternity fraud!!! A Judge ordered me to pay child support without ordering a DNA test for two children. I had  been dealing with this case since 2007. Attorney Diggs took the case and petitioned the court for [sic] paternity test. DNA tests proved I wasn’t the father of both children. Attorney Diggs had all child support obligations removed!”

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