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If your child has been taken or held outside of the country against your consent as a parent or legal guardian, there may be strong legal resources available for you to use to work towards a solution. Civil international kidnapping cases can enforce your rights as a parent across international borders if successful, potentially reuniting you with your child. However, these cases are often complex and typically require careful legal planning before reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

Fighting for a Solution

International abduction can leave parents confused about where they should turn for help. However, the State Department and The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction provide important guidelines for any parent seeking a resolution to these devastating legal disputes. Parents considering bringing a child abduction case through these legal frameworks should consider the following:

  • U.S. custody orders are not automatically valid in foreign countries
  • While not always enforceable, U.S. custody orders may be used in a trial to reinforce a parent’s claims
  • Physically attempting to return a child to the United States could violate a foreign country’s law and strongly damage your position in an abduction case

Parents may need to work through the State Department, FBI, INTERPOL, and NCMEC to reach a conclusion to their case. Throughout this process, a parent may want a knowledgeable, experienced legal advisor to provide them with important information and a keen assessment on possible legal strategies. This can help a parent avoid certain legal pitfalls and navigate the complicated international rules that govern these cases.

Houston Hague Convention Attorney

The Hague Convention is an international meeting of several like-minded nations looking to improve cooperation when it comes to complex legal scenarios. Since The Hague Convention began, a number of conventions have been adopted and ratified by the member nations, particularly regarding international adoption and civil international kidnapping cases. These specific conventions lay out the rules that U.S. citizens looking to solve family law problems abroad must abide by and can use. The resolutions provided from these meetings establish a legal uniformity across member nations and work to improve fairness under these complex legal circumstances.

Using The Hague Convention for Legal Solutions

When a parent or guardian faces problems with international adoption or international kidnapping, they likely will need to work through or use the processes established by The Hague Conventions relative to those concerns. However, these conventions can be complex and intricate, making many people seek out the support of a legal professional. An attorney may be able to provide the following help:

  • Handling any international or State Department paperwork
  • Providing advisement and explanations of what laws or rules are used in the case
  • Representing their client in a trial
  • Establishing necessary connections locally or abroad to facilitate a solution

Although these conventions are meant to provide a simpler and more effective legal framework when dealing with international or family law, these cases may prove overwhelmingly complicated.

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