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Parents who share custody of their children are sometimes given equal rights to communicate with their children even when they are with the other parent. This “right to access” can be enforced through a court order, which can help establish the proper boundaries and requirements of maintaining communication between children and their parents, including communication via the internet. If there are disputes over this access to a child, these issues may be resolved through the legal system in a child custody case.

What Are the Rules of Permitted Internet Access?

If the courts opt to allow communication between parents and children over electronic media, including the internet and instant messaging services, both parents must agree to follow this court order carefully. This order can include the following provisions:

  • Providing the equipment needed for communication, as long as the cost and installation is reasonable
  • Granting and respecting a child’s privacy and freedom to communicate with his or her other parent
  • Limiting communication during another parent’s custodial period to reasonable hours and for reasonable durations
  • Providing the child’s contact information to each parent
  • Informing the other parent of any changes with contact information within 24 hours of the changes

These court orders establish clearly enforceable rules about how internet access can be provided for parent-child communication. If a parent or legal guardian violates these orders, he or she can face legal consequences.

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