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When parents separate and share custody over their child or children, there are some important rules and limitations that may affect a parent’s legal ability to communicate with their children. However, in some cases, particularly regarding telephone access, parents may be more freely permitted to talk with their children. It’s important for parents to know and understand these rules, as disputes may otherwise arise over who is able to call or receive calls from their children at a given time.

Telephone Permissions for Parents

Custody orders are considered the final word on any sort of communication access between parents and children. Individual orders blocking or permitting certain actions should always be noted by parents. However, there are some general rules regarding telephone use. These permissions typically include the following:

  • Parents are permitted telephone access at reasonable hours, even if the child is in the other parent’s custody
  • Parents may not tape conversations between their children and their other custodial parent
  • Applicable restrictions in custody orders can block all communication or may not allow specific times or types of telephone communication

If one parent breaks these rules, they may be held accountable for their actions through legal action. This may result in changes to the existing custody orders.

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