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Jurisdictional conflicts often arise in divorce situations where you do not reside in the same state as your spouse, as it may become difficult to serve divorce papers filed in one state to a person elsewhere. There are many strategies that may be employed to resolve these sorts of issues effectively, but a divorce involving parties in separate states will almost always require the assistance of skilled legal representation and may often call for cooperation between attorneys licensed in both states in order to complete the process.

At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, our legal team has a wide range of experience dealing with all manner of divorce proceedings and can help you sort through the complex issues surrounding a divorce which involves a dispute over jurisdiction. To learn more about your rights and legal options, call our experienced Houston jurisdictional disputes attorneys today at (713) 802-1777.

Causes for Jurisdictional Disputes

There are three distinct ways in which jurisdictional disputes typically arise, each of which carries unique challenges and requires its own strategies in order to find a solution:

With the assistance of a skilled attorney, you will be able to assess the benefits of filing in the state you reside in as opposed to the state your spouse resides in, as well as evaluate the potential your ruling has for being upheld and enforced in a state other than your own.

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