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When you’re dealing with the complex emotional issues surrounding ending a marriage, you may inadvertently overlook the serious practical implications of asset division. Dividing assets is usually part of a divorce settlement.

Unfortunately, equitable asset division, especially for couples with large marital estates, can be a complex and difficult process that can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming at a time when you’re already overwhelmed. Retaining the legal services of a knowledgeable lawyer can help you with the complexities involved in getting a fair division of substantial assets.

At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, our experienced legal team understands how difficult divorce proceedings can be. We will work diligently to protect your rights and represent your best interests throughout the process, especially when dividing large marital assets.

We have the expertise and experience to support you through an often-trying time and to keep you informed of your legal rights. We are prepared to work tirelessly to defend your right to a fair share of your hard-earned assets. We will ensure that no assets are hidden or otherwise absent from your divorce settlement and that you get what you’re entitled to.

We are qualified to handle every aspect of your divorce, from business division and tax issues to custody and alimony arrangements. To learn more about your rights and options, call our skilled Houston large marital estates divorce attorneys today at (713) 802-1777 to schedule a consultation.

Why Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce with a Large Marital Estate

While anyone who is divorcing can benefit from the help of a good lawyer, complex divorce proceedings, such as those of spouses with a high net worth, needs to have an attorney to ensure that each spouse gets an equitable distribution of all marital assets.

You have the right to protect your assets, seek a fair custody arrangement for children, and to secure the best possible result in your divorce.

Having excellent legal representation can shore up your position in your divorce proceedings. A lawyer can work with you to fight for a fair and satisfactory division of assets, spousal/child support arrangement, and custody agreement. When a married couple has significant assets, competent legal representation is a must.

One of the most complicated areas of divorces where a lawyer can help is ensuring that all marital assets are divided fairly. Lawyers can work to evaluate the assets, ensure that no assets are hidden, and advocate for equitable division of assets. When you add a lawyer to your team, you can be assured that a professional is always fighting for your interests and working to defend your rights.

Why Choose Holmes, Diggs & Sadler to Handle Your Divorce with a Large Marital Estate

At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler we have the skill, experience, and specialized knowledge to help you secure a satisfactory outcome in your divorce. Our attorneys are prepared to take on the most complex of high asset divorce cases. By specializing in family law, and divorce specifically, our attorneys bring a comprehensive depth of skills, specializations, and experience to the table.

From dealing with parenting plans and mediation to issues involving business, taxes, high-conflict divorces and international divorces, our firm is fully prepared to handle your case. We will work tirelessly to get you the best possible result.

In pursuit of this goal, we will work as a team, keeping you well informed regarding your case. We also understand the private and emotional nature of divorce. We have worked with many high-profile clients and will always seek to maintain total confidentiality in your legal proceedings.

Holmes, Diggs & Sadler has worked hard to establish our reputation for providing exemplary legal services. We have distinguished ourselves time and again. Some of our accolades include members of our team being named as super lawyers and rising stars by Texas Super Lawyers, Texas and Houston Magazine’s top lawyers, Texas Monthly’s top lawyers, and more. We’re ready to prove our excellence and earn your trust by taking on your case.

Large Asset Divorce Cases and Issues We Handle

Assets Division

Asset division is often a highly contentious part of divorces, especially when significant assets are involved. We can guide our clients through this process, while always fighting to defend their assets. In Texas, a couple’s assets fall into two broad categories: community property and one spouse’s property.

Community property is generally the property owned by both spouses. This is typically acquired after marriage. Community property is divided in a “just and right” way that takes a wide variety of factors into account. A lawyer can build a compelling argument for your rights to part of this property.

Property owned by one spouse is usually acquired before marriage, or with money from outside the marriage. These assets will likely be retained by the spouse owning them.

Evaluating Holdings

In the process of dividing a large marital estate between two spouses, the most difficult step can often be accurately identifying and valuing the various holdings and investments owned by the married couple. Without adequate investigation and expert evaluation, large amounts of capital can go unnoticed and unfairly escape division. The following are a few examples of the items that may be included in a large marital estate:

  • Real estate
  • Businesses and business holdings
  • Stock options in various companies
  • Investment accounts
  • Professional practices
  • Retirement accounts

By putting the investigation of these types of assets into the hands of skilled professionals, you can know that your interests are being protected. Having skilled legal representation is vital to preserving the assets you deserve, especially if you have business interests.

We extensive experience in asset and business valuation. We can thoroughly investigate marital finances to ensure that you’re getting everything you deserve and that no assets go unaccounted for.

Once your assets have been thoroughly evaluated, your lawyer will work to advocate for you and your assets in court or mediation. Judges will consider many factors when fairly dividing community property. These can include:

  • The reason for the divorce
  • Each spouse’s ability to support themselves and dependents
  • Medical conditions
  • Overall health
  • Differences in earnings
  • Parental roles

We will work with the facts of your case to fight to preserve what you deserve. We also have the background and expertise to handle matters like the complicated tax issues with alimony and child support that may affect your financial situation and your tax liabilities.

We can also deal with jurisdictional issues, for example, when your divorce is complicated by you and your spouse living in different states or countries.

Additionally, we have many years of experience dealing with international divorces, with a deep understanding of international legal issues, foreign custody agreements, how to support expatriates who are divorcing.

Our legal team is here to support you through your divorce, no matter how difficult it is. We will work diligently to act as a trusted resource for you in your time of need. Our priority will always be pursuing our client’s goals. We will keep you well informed of your case and ensure your rights are always protected. We have experience and specialization in all matters of divorce, which enables us to effectively handle very complex large asset divorce cases.

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Divorce does not have to consume all of your time and energy, and with experienced legal representation you can escape the messy and protracted situations that all too frequently arise when a couple holding a large marital estate ends their marriage. For a consultation to discuss the details of your case with an experienced Houston divorce lawyer, call Holmes, Diggs & Sadler today at (713) 802-1777.

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