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International child custody case set to be heard in court

A child custody case hearing was set to take place in federal court last Monday, February 25. The case concerns a Swedish man who is accusing his ex-wife of illegally moving their daughter to Iowa. Raina Anderung was ordered by a judge to appear with their 3 year old daughter in court.

The court specifically instructed Anderung to turn in the child’s passport and not to take the child out of the Southern District of Iowa, otherwise she would face arrest.

Court records stated that the mother settled in Pleasantville, Iowa from Sweden with the child with a 90 day tourist passport. She has since extended her stay and refused to return to Sweden.

The child’s father, Magnus Anderung, claims that his ex-wife violated the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction; however, she claims her actions were mutually agreed upon by both parties.

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