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At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, we want to give our Houston clients the assurance they need to know their property and personal assets are secure either before or in the midst of their marriage. With pre- and post-marital agreements, our clients can rest assured that their interests are protected. The Houston attorneys of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler believe those who are getting marriage or those who are already married should consider filing for pre and post-marital agreements.

Pre- and post-marital agreements are helpful in situations where you or your spouse have children, significant debts or assets, financial stock in a business, future inheritances, or vastly differing incomes. When certain issues are decided beforehand, the burden of these decisions can be lifted from your marriage. The Houston pre- and post marital attorneys of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler want to help support your best interests for the future ahead.

Important Issues Covered by Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements

Most people in Houston know that pre- and post-marital agreements protect your finances. There are many other important decisions that these contracts cover, including:

  • The rights and obligations each spouse has to their property before or after they enter into marriage
  • How property rights will be decided if there is a separation, divorce, or death of a spouse
  • The distribution of death benefits from life insurance policies if there is a death of a spouse
  • The creation of a will, trust, inheritance, or any other agreement to carry out in case of a change in marital status or death

In summary, pre and post-marital agreements in Houston cover the material and terms of each spouse’s property and personal assets in the chance that a separation, divorce, or death were to occur. The future benefits and security of your property far outweigh the distress that results from an unorganized and emotional divorce process. Additionally, when Houston couples are in agreement over the future of their assets, these decisions will not remain unclear and debatable during the marriage.

Speak With a Houston Attorney About Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements

If you are concerned about the protection of your property before, during, or after marriage in Houston, the experienced family law attorneys of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler can help. Do not let the future of your finances cloud your marriage—contact our Houston offices today at (713) 802-1777 to file a pre- or post-marital agreement.

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