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Houston Marital Property Agreement Lawyers

Marital property agreements are utilized to clearly differentiate property between each partner of a married or soon-to-be married couple. By drafting this legally binding document, Houston couples may thoroughly determine the exact ownership of all property both brought into the marriage and acquired during the course of a marriage.

This can be particularly important in the event that a couple should ever decide to dissolve their marriage, as a marital property agreement can eliminate one of the most contentious aspects of any divorce. Our Houston marital property agreement attorneys at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler have helped many Houston area couples draft comprehensive marital property agreements both prior to and after their marriage.

Do I Need a Marital Property Lawyer?

Marital property agreements are legally binding. As such, it’s in your best interest to have an experienced family lawyer help you as you make one. There are plenty of informational resources online regarding marital property agreements, but while these resources can be useful for educational purposes, it shouldn’t be used as an ultimate guide. As is the case with many things on the internet, some information is useful and correct, but some is poorly-researched or outright false. If you do not have the legal background to know the difference, you could create trouble for yourself. If you attempt to draft an agreement on your own, you run the risk of missing important details and agreeing to a marital property agreement that either doesn’t afford you the protection that you need or doesn’t provide the resources that you need. An unclear, non-comprehensive, or non-legally-binding agreement will not do anything for you. Ultimately, hiring a skilled family lawyer to work on your agreement will be the most efficient and effective way to protect both you and your partner.

Why Hire Holmes, Diggs & Sadler to Handle My Agreement?

The attorneys at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler understand that crafting marital property agreements can be a sensitive process for many Houston couples. Above all, we are dedicated professionals who put our legal experience and skill to work for your benefit. As a family law firm with decades of experience, we understand how to maneuver potentially uncomfortable situations with ease. We understand that every couple and their specific needs are different, so we are ready to listen to you, understand what you are looking for, and help you make the plan that best supports your situation.

Benefits of a Marital Property Agreement

Explicitly stating the ownership of certain property between a married or soon-to-be married Houston area couple can be critical to securing each individual’s financial health should they ever wish to dissolve their marriage. When hearing the term “property,” many people initially consider real estate. However, marital property agreements encompass much more than physical land. Among the properties that will be covered in a marital property agreement include:

  • Income – When wed, unless otherwise specified, any income is considered the income of both spouses. Some couples choose to make arrangements that diverge from this convention.
  • Houses and real estate – The home and additional properties owned by a couple can be handled in different ways upon divorce, depending on the specifics of your property agreement. This can include rental properties.
  • Vehicles – Vehicles are typically a high-priced asset. As a result, many couples who choose to make a martial property agreement include provisions about their personal vehicles and vehicles purchased after marriage.
  • Retirement assets and pensions – If you or your spouse have a retirement plan through your work or independently, a marital property agreement can set the terms for each plan should your marriage ever end.
  • Antiques, collectible items, furniture – These items are often expensive or hold sentimental value. Considering how each partner’s valuables will be handled can provide comfort to both parties.

Commonly, marital property agreements are seen as something that only wealthy couples draft. This is somewhat of a misconception. Though it is wise for couples with expensive assets to craft a marital property agreement, all couples can benefit from the clear terms that they provide. An effective marital property agreement will account for:

  • Property acquired prior to the marriage
  • The incomes of each spouse during the marriage
  • Property acquired during the marriage

We understand the added level of comfort and financial security a marital property agreement can provide Houston couples and, should such unfortunate circumstances arise, how these agreements can help alleviate a great deal of tension during a divorce.

Contact a Houston Marital Property Agreement Lawyer Today

At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, our marital property agreement lawyers are prepared to help Houston area couples draft marital property agreements prior to or at any point of their marriage. We understand that the needs of each couple differ and we are ready to help make a plan that takes into account your unique situation. To discuss you and your partner’s needs with one of our Houston marital agreement lawyers today, please call (713) 802-1777.

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