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Houston Partition Agreements Lawyers

Going through a divorce or legal separation is a stressful situation for many reasons, and disagreements over property division can further complicate the already difficult legal process for Houston couples. A partition agreement is a legal contract used to divide mutually owned property into separate portions. The Houston partition agreements lawyers of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler understand the importance of fairly dividing your property, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate this process.

Our Houston attorneys are well-versed in the legal transactions of divorce, making us especially experienced in handling cases involving property and asset disputes. We have successfully helped many couples in Houston settle their issues regarding property division, and we want to provide you with the same esteemed legal assistance.

Types of Partition Agreements

All partition agreements are purposed to legally divide up mutually owned property. However, Houston couples going through a divorce can go about this legal process in a number ways:

  • Partition in kind—each party controls an individual portion of the property
  • Partition by allotment—the property is allotted to a single owner
  • Partition by sale—a sale of the property and the proceeds are divided among the parties

The terms of a partition agreement can either be accomplished voluntarily or judicially. However, since the latter may not result in the best interest of each party, it’s best for both parties to mutually agree or compromise upon the terms. The Houston partition agreements lawyers want to help ensure that the partition process goes smoothly so that you receive the property to which you are entitled.

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