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Protecting your kids during divorce

The process of divorce can be emotionally difficult not only for both parties involved but also for any children. Divorce may leave children scarred, making it important for both parents to take certain actions to ensure the children are protected.

Some things you may want to consider to lessen the emotional impact divorce can have on children include:

  • Remember that your kids’ emotional health is your mutual concern, and both of you are still child-raising partners.
  • You do not divorce your children. Remember that your kids still need both of their parents, so do not let divorce affect your role as a mother/father.
  • Before telling your kids about the divorce, plan and agree on what you will say to them.
  • Keep as many things as possible the same (home, school, friends, and activities).
  • Reassure your kids that they are not the cause of your separation, and that you love them regardless of what happens.

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