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Houston residents should be able to feel safe in their own homes, at their jobs, and in public. Unfortunately, during a divorce, it is common for tensions to be high between spouses. In these cases, sometimes one spouse will repeatedly attempt to make unwanted contact with the other spouse. If you have been followed, harassed, or repeatedly contacted by your current or former spouse in Houston, a restraining order may be necessary to protect you and your children. In this time of stress and turmoil in your life, what you need is a lawyer who understands the situation you’re in and can help navigate you out of it.

The Houston restraining order lawyers at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler understand how important such restrictions can be in keeping peace, and our legal team is dedicated to helping families through every facet of the divorce process. We pride ourselves on the care we take with each case. Every step of the way, we’ll let you know what we’re doing to make sure you can get your life back. We believe that everyone deserves peace of mind and that’s what we’re hoping to provide you. If you are being harassed by a former spouse, our Houston lawyers can help you obtain the legal protection that a restraining order provides.

Reasons for Obtaining a Restraining Order

Not everyone experiencing relationship difficulties needs a restraining order, but when the situation is dangerous enough, a restraining order may provide you with the necessary legal protections. You may consider obtaining a restraining order in Houston if your current or former spouse has engaged in the following:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Harassing or stalking
  • Destroying personal property
  • Making threats

These types of activities constitute a serious threat to you and your wellbeing. If you feel like your spouse has endangered you and your children, the Houston attorneys at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler want to help you protect your family from further abuse. One of our Houston restraining order attorneys would be happy to help determine your eligibility for a restraining order. Even if your problem doesn’t exactly match what you read above, please call us today to speak to a qualified member of our team about the details of your situation to see if there’s a case for a restraining order. While restraining orders aren’t easy to obtain in all situations, judges will often realize that filing a restraining order isn’t anyone’s first line of defense – and that people like you who are being threatened by someone in their life deserve protection and peace of mind.

Why You Need a Lawyer

A restraining order isn’t a legal remedy someone seeks out lightly. It’s often an act of desperation to prevent violence at the hands of someone who is physically or emotionally intimidating you. With things this serious, you simply can’t take on a challenge like this on your own. Whether it’s for your own protection or for the protection of your children or dependents, you need a steady legal voice helping you chart the right path to reclaiming your life.

Your case is important to you – that’s why you need experience and accomplished lawyers making your argument as convincing as it can be. Not only can a good law firm handle legal minutiae like paperwork and court dates, but they can also make the whole experience run smoother and support you when you need it the most. There are a lot of lawyers out there, but very few with the requisite experience and care required to see a case like this to completion. What you need are subject matter experts who know exactly what to do in a restraining order case and have taken on cases like this for people just like you.

Why Pick Holmes, Diggs & Sadler?

Holmes, Diggs & Sadler is one of the top law firms in the State of Texas in the area of family law. We pride ourselves on our years of experience working in all fields of family law winning cases for people just like you – that’s why we’ve been named among the best family law firms in both Houston and across the entire State of Texas. Our incredible team has received accolades from groups like the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to Texas Monthly. When you bring Holmes, Diggs & Sadler onto your case, you know you’re getting the best of the best – and you deserve nothing less.

Our approach is unique and our experience is second-to-none – our team has more than 90 years of experience taking on and winning restraining order cases for people like you. We’ll walk you through every step of the process to make sure you know what’s going on in your case and how we’re working hard to represent you.

If you’re considering filing a restraining order, you’re looking for someone who can help you navigate a serious and potentially scary situation with ease and care. That’s where the professionals at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler step in. The longer you wait, the harder your case becomes. Let us help you make your life a little bit easier. Call us today to figure out exactly what legal steps you should take and how we can help you get back on track.

Speak with a Restraining Order Attorney in Houston Today

At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, our lawyers have your safety in mind and are prepared to fight for your legal rights in filing a restraining order. Our capable and accomplished legal team is determined to help people like you find closure, no matter what the details of your specific case are. We’re prepared and ready to work with you in any area of family law. Call (713) 802-1777 to speak with an experienced family attorney in Houston today about your legal options. We’re here to help you – and have the experience and wherewithal needed to get you the outcome you so badly desire. We can’t do anything for you until you get in touch with us. There’s no time to waste – call us today and an experienced member of our team will help you navigate which legal remedies might be available to you.

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