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Actress’s petition to win back children reaches 100,000 signatures

Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford has successfully gathered 100,000 signatures in a petition urging the Obama administration to intervene in the custody battle over her children, The Washington Post revealed on May 13.

The actress has been involved in a contentious child custody battle with her ex-husband, German businessman Daniel Giersch, over their 8-year-old son Hermes and 5-year-old daughter Helena. Her two children have been in France with Giersch after a judge ruled in 2012 that the children will be living with their father. Because the businessman’s visa was revoked in 2009 after their split, Giersch wasn’t allowed to enter the country, forcing Rutherford to travel back and forth to Europe to see the kids.

Reaching the 100,000 signature threshold means Rutherford’s petition will be reviewed and responded to by the White House.

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