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Mediation in Divorce Cases

Mediation is a process during which both parties undergoing the divorce and their attorneys meet with a mediator who is knowledgeable about law and the art of negotiation to see if they can draw an agreement out of the feuding parties. Everything that is said is confidential at mediation, and the mediator can never be forced to come to court to testify.

One of the roles of a mediator is to get the parties to look at the downsides of their cases and to consider the benefits of settling.  If the case is settled at mediation, the mediated settlement agreement cannot be changed after the fact. An Order will be prepared outlining the terms of the settlement and submitted to the Court, which usually takes about two weeks. Your case is officially over after the Final Order is signed by the Judge. If the case is not settled at mediation, the mediator can write the Court a letter saying “I mediated this case and it did not settle.”

The Houston divorce lawyers of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler are committed to helping couples reach a successful divorce agreement that is as fair to both sides as possible. If you or someone you know is considering mediated divorce, contact us at (713) 802-1777.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife wrap-up divorce

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his NBC anchor-wife Maria Shriver are expected to tie up their divorce in December, Mail Online reported on Wednesday, September 17.

Three years after Shriver filed for divorce, a source familiar with the situation said the couple has already reached an amicable settlement regarding the division of their fortune worth $400 million. The former governor’s net worth is said to be $300 million, while his wife, a member of the Kennedy clan, is said to be worth $100 million.

After twenty eight years of marriage, Shriver filed for a divorce against the Hollywood star after learning about his illicit love affair with a household staff member.

Reaching a fair, amicable settlement during the process of divorce can be very difficult without the aid of an experienced and dedicated divorce attorney who is willing to advocate for you and your family’s welfare. To learn more about how our Texas based attorneys at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, might be able to help you, call us at Holmes, Diggs & Sadler today.

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