When the Delight of Adoption Becomes Burdensome

Deciding to adopt a child is an exceptionally compassionate and fulfilling endeavor to embark upon. Adoption can provide a lasting positive impact on both the adopted child and their adoptive family. As important and gratifying as giving a child a home is, the adoption process is still a decidedly complicated legal endeavor. A seemingly unending number of contingencies are in effect that vary from state to state. Facing the vast list of factors an individual must assess, all of which are dependent on each individual’s particular situation, makes an already complicated process increasingly confusing. The tedious obstacles associated with adoption can quickly turn what is supposed to be a delight into a stressful burden.

Adoption Process and Roadblocks

Adoption is a legal relationship that results in the adoptee becoming the legal heir of the adopter and terminates any legal rights formerly in existence with the natural birth parents. Particulars the adopting parents must consider include:

  • Deciding between an open and closed adoption
  • Deciding whether to adopt through an agency or through an independent contract involving the biological parents
  • If proceeding with an agency, deciding between a public and private agency
  • Assessing all legal requirements of individuals wishing to adopt
  • Considering one’s qualifications to adopt in accordance with the Uniform Adoption Act
  • Guidance on the required petition to the court to grant the adoption, which is required for all adoptions
  • How to present the required “preponderance of evidence” to the court (proves that the course of adaptive action is in the best interests of the child through “clear and convincing evidence”)

Understanding the best courses of action concerning each of these aspects of adoption becomes quickly overwhelming to people without prior knowledge of the law. Trying to navigate them independently can create a challenge that seems to get more complicated as you go along.

Houston Adoption Attorneys Want to Help

Having a smooth adoptive process is completely dependent on a thorough understanding of the varying legal particulars of an individual’s situation. Hiring a qualified adoption attorney is a necessary asset if one hopes to achieve effective results. At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, the adoption attorneys understand the weight of something like adding a new child to your family. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of support and representation for you in every stage of the process. To get the help of experienced and capable professionals who wish to guide you through this special endeavor, call  713-766-5355 today.