Benefits of a Pre-nuptial Agreement

An engagement is an exciting time of anticipation for future spouses, but it is also the time when many choices are presented to a soon-to-be-wed couple. Pre-nuptial agreements allow couples to work out potential issues before they come up later in life. Many people believe that pre-nuptial agreements are only necessary for famous and extremely wealthy people. However, pre-nuptial agreements offer all couples benefits that may help them in the future.

Pre-nuptial agreements can cover the terms of property and monetary distribution in the event of a divorce, yet they can also include terms regarding other aspects of the marriage itself. These types of agreements are not just used to cover the terms of a separation.

Reasons for a Pre-nuptial Agreement

Pre-nuptial agreements allow couples to work out the terms of their marriage before tying the knot. Some of the benefits of a pre-nuptial agreement include:

  • Avoid future conflicts about property and money
  • Agree on terms of life-insurance policies
  • Decide on trust agreements and beneficiaries
  • Protect your financial security
  • Reduce conflicts

Pre-nuptial agreements become binding legal documents that couples must follow both during their marriages and in the case of divorce.

Consult a Pre-nuptial Agreement Lawyer in Houston

If you think a pre-nuptial agreement is in your best interest, a lawyer can help you draft an agreement that suits your needs. At Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, our lawyers may help couples create agreements that contribute to a better, more secure married life. Call (713) 766-5355 today to speak with a pre-nuptial agreements lawyer in Houston about your legal options.